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BeBowl Programme

This programme was initiated in 2010 to introduce Bowls to the schools in the surrounding area and hopefully encourage youngsters to take up bowling and exercise outdoors.

Following a very successful event led by Ann Bowers, our club coaches and volunteers culminates in a finals day to be proud off. The program has gone from strength to strength with other clubs in the area coming on board to support and extend the facilities available.

Ann has worked tirelessly over the winter to engage with the schools over the winter by acquiring carpets and bowls to supply out to the schools to ensure the continuation of interest to the students and teachers. The program involves pupils from Lochgelly West Primary, Lochgelly South Primary and St Patrick Primary.

The Bebowl tournament is looking more promising than ever with some of the other local clubs offering their greens and coaching staff. 


This years finals were held at Kelty Bowling Club. It was a fantastic day of bowling for the youngsters involved. It was also pleasant to see a large number of spectators out to cheer the youngsters on as they played in their first ever tournament.

After the round robin, the finalists was Lumphinnans Primary and Kelty Primary 'B' Teams. After what can only be desribed as an enthralling final, Lumphinnans emerged victorious with a 5-4 victory. Game came down to final bowl of the day to win.

Many congratulations to all the youngsters who took part. We hope that a few will remain with the game as there was some exceptional talent out on the green.

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